Knowledge AI

Empower Your Field Force with Unmatched Expertise

Empower your technicians

Standardized job tasks and site-specific requirements

Ensure consistency and quality across every service call.

Critical job documents

Access equipment instructions, product manuals, warranty information, videos, and photos—all at your fingertips.

Safety checklists, schematics, and declarations

Prioritize safety and compliance with readily available resources.

Complete equipment history, repair notes, and support history

Leverage past experiences to optimize service delivery.

Job checkpoints and signoffs

Track progress and ensure accountability.

Realize Results

Skyrocket first-time fix rates

Slash costly second-truck rolls and improve customer satisfaction.

Capture and leverage collective knowledge

Document work history, job specifics, and best practices for continuous improvement.

Benefit from built-in feedback loops

Continuously improve processes and knowledge sharing.

Reduce staff training time

Equip new technicians with the knowledge they need to succeed faster.

Boost technician utilization and productivity

Ensure quick access to answers and minimize downtime.

LLM Based on Retrieval Augmented Generation

Conversational Learning

Give voice to your documents, turning them into personalized chat partners who answer your questions and clarify complex concepts.

Track and Revisit

Never lose track of your learning journey. Etaprise seamlessly stores all your conversations, allowing you to revisit insights and refresh your understanding.

Effortless Navigation

Say goodbye to tedious searches. Etaprise's intelligent navigation instantly connects you to the information you need, saving you time and frustration.

Interactive Buddies

Your documents aren't just sources of information, they're your new study buddies. Engaging and insightful, they're always ready to help you learn and understand.

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Improved Efficiency and Productivity:


Reduction in time spent searching for information. Technicians can access relevant knowledge instantly, leading to faster problem-solving and completion times.


Increase in first-time fix rates. Etaprise conversational interface facilitates efficient diagnosis and troubleshooting, minimizing repeat visits.


Improvement in technician productivity. Reduced time spent searching and manual documentation allows technicians to focus on core tasks.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:


Increase in customer satisfaction scores. Faster resolutions, improved communication, and reduced service time lead to happier customers.


Reduction in customer complaints. With accurate knowledge readily available, technicians can provide more accurate and timely solutions, addressing customer concerns effectively.


Increase in customer retention. Improved service quality and reduced downtime contribute to building stronger customer relationships.

Boosted Employee Engagement and Morale:


Of technicians feel more confident in their abilities. Etaprise provides instant access to knowledge and support, empowering technicians to independently resolve complex issues.


Of technicians feel more engaged in their work. The interactive nature of Etaprise makes learning and knowledge acquisition more enjoyable and motivating.


Reduction in staff turnover. Improved job satisfaction and reduced stress contribute to a more stable and engaged workforce.

Cost Savings and Competitive Advantage:


Reduction in training costs. Etaprise AI-powered knowledge base eliminates the need for extensive manual training, saving valuable time and resources.


Decrease in operational costs. Improved efficiency, reduced service time, and lowered first-time fix rates contribute to significant cost savings.


Increase in market share. Enhanced customer satisfaction, improved service quality, and a more skilled workforce give companies a competitive edge.