Slash unnecessary costs and boost profitability

Slash Truck Roll Costs

Etaprise Intelligent Triage empowers you to achieve FTR rates of up to 80%, minimizing the need for repeat visits and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Etaprise Intelligent Triage equips dispatchers with the tools and insights they need to prioritize work orders effectively, guide technicians through complex resolutions, and ensure that customer issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.

By increasing FTR rates, Etaprise Intelligent Triage minimizes customer frustration and repeat calls, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Consistently high FTR rates contribute to a positive customer experience, strengthening brand reputation and fostering long-term customer relationships.

By eliminating the need for repeat visits and minimizing customer churn, Etaprise Intelligent Triage helps organizations reduce costs and boost profitability

Eliminate Unnecessary Parts Usage

When technicians are dispatched with the wrong parts, they are forced to make do with what they have or order additional parts, leading to increased costs and delays.

Technicians spending time searching for and ordering the right parts can severely impact their productivity and overall efficiency.

Customers may experience frustration and delays if repairs are not completed promptly due to incorrect parts availability.

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Reduce unnecessary truck rolls by up to 60%

Increase first-time resolution (FTR) rates by up to 80%

Improve technician productivity by up to 30%

Reduce customer downtime by up to 50%

Optimize resource allocation by up to 20%

Enhance customer satisfaction by up to 15%

Reduce costs by up to 15%

Increase profitability by up to 10%