Fleet Management Add On

One place to manage and maintain your fleet

Streamline Fleet Operations with Etaprise Fleet Management

Fuel Efficiency Tracking: Gain valuable insights into fuel consumption and identify areas for improvement.

Cost Management: Track and analyze vehicle expenses, simplifying budgeting and cost control.

Comprehensive Reporting: Generate detailed reports to make informed decisions about your fleet operations.

And More: Enjoy a suite of features designed to optimize your fleet management.

Advanced Routing and Optimization

Optimize routes with multiple stops, considering travel time, service duration, and technician skills.

Track technician location in real-time and dynamically adjust routes based on their progress.

Schedule appointments within specific time windows to accommodate customer preferences.

Factor in real-time traffic conditions to ensure timely arrivals.

Advanced Routing and Optimization

Maximize Efficiency with Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Etaprise's intuitive drag-and-drop functionality allows dispatchers to effortlessly manage technician schedules, reassign tasks, and optimize routes in real-time.

This flexibility ensures that the right technician is always assigned to the right job, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Real-Time Situational Awareness for Unparalleled Dispatch Efficiency

Gain real-time situational awareness of your field service team's locations and statuses through Etaprise's interactive map view.

Proactively identify potential roadblocks and prevent missed or late appointments before they disrupt customer schedules.

This powerful dispatch board empowers your team with unprecedented oversight and flexibility to respond to scheduling changes and match technicians to profitable jobs seamlessly.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration:

Send automated appointment confirmations, reminders, and updates to customers and technicians.

Enable real-time communication between customers, dispatchers, and technicians through the platform.

Provide technicians and customers with a shared view of schedules and appointment details.

Offer in-app chat, file sharing, and annotation tools for collaborative problem-solving.

Data-Driven Insights and Reporting

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) like first-time fix rates, technician utilization, and customer satisfaction.

Gain insights from historical data to improve scheduling efficiency, resource allocation, and customer service.

Generate reports tailored to specific needs and decision-making purposes.

Use AI to predict equipment failures and schedule preventative maintenance, reducing downtime and costs.

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Reduce travel time by up to 25%

Reduce overtime by up to 20%

Increase first-time resolution rates by up to 15%

Reduce scheduling errors by up to 10%

Improve technician productivity by up to 10%

Improve customer satisfaction by up to 5%

Increase revenue by up to 3%