License & Certification Management

Say Goodbye to Manual Tracking
Automate the process of tracking employee certifications and Licenses

One Source of Truth

Visualize all Company & employee Licenses/certifications and identify missing ones instantly. Know who's qualified for the job with a single view.

Effortlessly track license expirations. See which licenses are expiring soon or have expired at any point.

Automated Reminders

Never miss an expiration again. Automatic email and SMS reminders keep everyone informed when certifications are due for renewal.

Say goodbye to manual email blasts. Let the system handle the reminders, freeing your time for more important tasks.

Employee Self-service

Empower your employees. Allow them to update their certifications, expiration dates, and upload documents directly into the system.

No more hunting for lost documents. Store all certifications, licenses, and images in one central location for easy access.

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Increased Efficiency and Productivity:


Reduction in time spent on manual tracking of certifications and licenses.


Improvement in employee productivity due to easier access to required certifications.


Reduction in administrative costs associated with certification management.

Improved Compliance and Reduced Risk:


Reduction in compliance violations due to real-time tracking of expiration dates.


Decrease in safety incidents due to ensuring employees have the proper certifications.


Reduction in fines and penalties associated with non-compliance.