Remote Assistance

Connect, See, and Guide Remotely with AR Remote Assistance.

Connect, See, and Guide Remotely with AR Remote Assistance.

Overlay instructions, diagrams, and relevant information onto the real world through a headset or smartphone camera, enabling technicians to see exactly what to do.

Receive clear and concise instructions with visual cues, eliminating the need for paper manuals and reducing errors.

Connect with experienced technicians or specialists in real-time through video and audio calls, allowing for immediate troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Access relevant knowledge bases, product manuals, and troubleshooting guides directly within the AR environment, saving time and effort.

Capture photos, videos, and notes with annotations directly on the real world, streamlining documentation and communication.

Real-time Collaboration:

During a call, participants can highlight, draw on, and add notes directly onto the shared real-world view for instant guidance and clarification.

Multiple team members can simultaneously add or edit annotations in real-time, fostering collaborative problem-solving.

Integrate with smart glasses to quickly diagnose failures with expert assistance.

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Reduce onsite technician visits by up to 50%

Increase first-time resolution (FTR) rates by up to 30%

Improve technician productivity by up to 20%

Reduce customer downtime by up to 40%

Enhance customer satisfaction by up to 10%

Reduce training costs by up to 20%

Expand service reach and expertise

Improve safety and reduce risk