Workorder management

Seamlessly manage and track work orders, ensuring timely resolutions within commitments

Work order creation and management

Generate work orders from various sources (tickets, schedules, alerts).

Use standardize Checklist for job completion.

Create and manage work orders on mobile devices.

Work with work orders offline and sync upon connection.

Scheduling and dispatching

Schedule and reschedule work orders based on technician availability, skills, and location and additional parameters using AI powered scheduling algorithm.

Track technician location and job progress in real-time.

Match work orders to the most qualified technicians.

Optimize travel routes for efficiency.

Dispatch technicians automatically based on pre-defined rules.

Field technician mobile app

Provide technicians with mobile apps for accessing work order details, capturing data, and updating job status.

Enable offline access to essential information and task completion.

Offer navigation and routing to job locations.

Capture customer signatures electronically.

Manage parts and inventory directly from the mobile app.

Work order Reporting and analytics

Track key performance metrics in real-time.

Analyze historical data to improve scheduling, dispatching, and resource allocation.

Generate customizable reports for specific needs.

Integrate with other systems (CRM, ERP, accounting) for a holistic view.

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Reduce work order backlogs by up to 30%

Improve time-to-resolution (TTR) by up to 25%

Increase first-time resolution (FTR) rates by up to 20%

Reduce technician idle time by up to 15%

Improve customer satisfaction by up to 10%

Increase revenue by up to 5%

Reduce overhead costs by up to 3%