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Customer Management

Customer 360

Know your customers like never before with Etaprise's unified customer view

Estimates & Quotes

Generate accurate estimates and quotes in seconds, empowering informed decisions and winning more service deals.


Simplify complex service agreements and streamline workflows with our contract management features.

AI driven Lead Generation

Etaprise leverages AI to find ideal customers struggling with field service issues, automatically generating qualified leads for your business.

Appointment management

Etaprise streamlines your field service with effortless appointment booking, scheduling, and dispatch for on-time customer satisfaction.

Customer Asset Management

Etaprise empowers field service with Customer Asset Management, unifying customer insights and asset data for proactive service and deeper relationships.

Work order management

Etaprise streamlines your field service with effortless work order creation, assignment, and tracking.

AI Based Scheduling & Dispatch

Optimize field technician schedules and dispatches with AI-powered automation for your Enterprise.


Prioritize service tickets based on urgency and impact for efficient resolution in Enterprise field service software.

Inventory Management

Etaprise keeps your field service technicians equipped with the right parts, at the right time, every time.

Dispatch Board

Etaprise's Dispatch Board visualizes field service operations in real-time, empowering efficient task assignment and resource optimization.

Job Notifications & Technician Tracking

Stay informed and in control with real-time job notifications and technician location tracking.

Back Office Operations

Field Operations

Work order Tracking

Etaprise empowers field teams with real-time work order visibility, from creation to completion.

Leave & Expense Management

Streamline field service operations with efficient leave & expense tracking within your enterprise software.

AR based Remote Assistance

Enabling remote experts to guide on-site technicians in real-time using Augmented Reality

Knowledge AI

Uses AI to chat with any documents. Just upload, Ask and uncover insights

Field Parts Request

Field service technicians request replacement parts directly from the system for on-site repairs.

Automated Time & attendance management

Streamline field service with automated time & attendance tracking for accurate payroll and efficient scheduling.

Company Profile

Manage your organization's details, including contact information, Address, Bank Details, License and certifications etc.

Employee Profile

Manage your Employess details, including contact information, Address, Payroll Details, License and certifications, Skills etc.

License & Certification management

Simplify compliance and boost technician productivity with centralized License & Certification Management.

Payroll management

Streamline employee pay with automated payroll calculations.

Financials - Invoice & Payments

Manage invoices, payments, and customer finances seamlessly with our Etaprise field service solution.

Vendor Management

Streamline partnerships, track performance, and optimize costs with Etaprise's built-in vendor management for seamless field service.

Manage Company Process

Dashboard & Reporting

Service Performance Dashboard

Track all your service performances all in one place.

Business Performance Dashboard

Keepys you informed about the overall Business performance of your organization.

Technician Dashboard

Track each technician performance individually.

Dispatcher Dashboard

Etaprise field service management software's Dispatcher Dashboard offers a centralized view of all ongoing jobs and technician activity for efficient dispatching and real-time insights.

Financial Performance Dashboard

Track your company's financial information here.

Planning & forecasting Dashboard

Plan and forecast field service activities with real-time insights from our Dashboard & Reporting module.



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Etaprise Security Services Software is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline and optimize all aspects of your security services business. It assists with scheduling, dispatch, guard management, patrol tracking, incident reporting, client communication, access control, and generating insightful reports.

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Automate tasks, optimize patrols, and manage guards efficiently for improved service delivery and reduced operational costs.
  • Enhanced security and response: Track guard movements, improve response times to incidents, and ensure client safety through proactive measures.
  • Improved client communication: Provide real-time updates, offer transparent reporting, and build stronger relationships through effective communication channels.
  • Reduced paperwork and administrative tasks: Automate scheduling, reporting, and incident management to free up your time for strategic planning and client service.
  • Gaining deeper insights into your business performance: Utilize comprehensive reports and analytics to make informed decisions about your security services, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your operations.
Features and Functionality
  • Scheduling and dispatch: Manage guard schedules, assign patrols, and optimize routes for efficient coverage.
  • Guard management: Track guard location in real-time, monitor performance, manage assignments, and ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Patrol tracking: Utilize GPS tracking and mobile apps to monitor guard movements, verify patrol completion, and ensure efficient site coverage.
  • Incident reporting: Capture incident details, document evidence, and generate detailed reports for accurate recordkeeping and timely response.
  • Client communication: Share reports, send updates, and address client concerns through various communication channels for transparency and trust.
  • Access control: Manage access permissions, track entries and exits, and integrate with security systems for enhanced security control.
  • Reporting and analytics: Generate reports on guard performance, patrol completion rates, incident trends, and key performance indicators for data-driven decision-making.
  • Mobile app for guards: Access schedules, patrol routes, incident reporting forms, and communication tools for efficient field operations.
  • Integrations with security systems: Integrate with access control systems, alarm systems, and other security technologies for a unified security ecosystem.

Yes, Etaprise integrates with various accounting, payroll, and other business tools for a unified workflow and streamlined operations.

The software is cloud-based, allowing access from any device with an internet connection for increased flexibility and remote management of your security services business.

Implementation and Training

Etaprise is designed to be user-friendly, even for users with limited technical expertise. Comprehensive training and ongoing support are provided to ensure a smooth implementation and user adoption.

Implementation time depends on your business size and complexity. However, most businesses can be up and running within a few weeks.

Training resources typically include online tutorials, webinars, in-person sessions, and ongoing support via phone, email, and live chat to address any questions or assist with specific needs.

Cost and Pricing

Costs vary depending on the number of users, desired features, and chosen plan. Flexible options are available to fit your budget and business needs.

Etaprise mostly uses a subscription-based model, with monthly or annual fees for access.

Specific Benefits for Security Services Companies

Advanced dispatch features optimize guard schedules and patrol routes, track guard location in real-time, and facilitate efficient deployment for improved responsiveness.

Automation features handle tasks like scheduling, reporting, and incident management, freeing up your time to focus on client service, guard management, and business growth.

Features like real-time updates, transparent reporting, and improved communication channels enhance client communication and build stronger relationships, leading to increased satisfaction and retention.

Improved efficiency reduced administrative costs, optimized guard deployment, and enhanced incident response can significantly increase your profitability and allow you to scale your security services business.

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