Asset Management

Gain critical visibility of your Enterprise assets and transform your service operations with unparalleled efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Asset Tracking

Store detailed information about each asset, including model, serial number, location, purchase date, etc.

Track and locate assets easily using barcode scanners or RFID tags.

Know where your assets are at any given time.

Track changes made to asset information and maintain a history of activity.

Maintenance Management

Set up schedules for routine maintenance tasks to extend asset lifespan.

Create and assign work orders for repairs, replacements, and other maintenance activities.

Record and track all maintenance activities performed on each asset.

Receive alerts for upcoming maintenance due dates, expiring warranties, and potential issues.

Gain Greater Visibility into Warranty Coverage​

Store warranty details like purchase date, expiration date, coverage terms, and exclusions for each asset.

Receive proactive notifications when warranties are nearing expiration, allowing for timely renewals or replacements.

Monitor warranty-related costs, including parts, labor, and shipping charges.

Generate reports on warranty usage, costs, and claim success rates to identify improvement opportunities.

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Reduce asset downtime by up to 25%

Extend asset lifespan by up to 15%

Reduce maintenance costs by up to 10%

Increase technician productivity by up to 15%

Improve first-time resolution (FTR) rates by up too 10%

Increase customer satisfaction by up to 15%

Reduce warranty claim denials by up to 80%

Maximize contract attach rates and renewals by up to 20%

Improve asset utilization by up to 10%